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reserve building in new york city. the fbi said he came to the united states in january on a student visa. he told undercover agents he wanted to destroy america by going after the financial institutions. >> he goes to the new york stock exchange, he sees that the significant security there and he shifts his target to the federal reserve bank. >> the fbi set up a sting. the man was later arrested when he tried to use a cell phone to set off what he thought was a huge bomb hidden inside a van parked outside the federal reserve bank. >> another warm day across the bay area. let's take a live look outside at this beautiful morning. some big changes in store this weekend. >> and turning back the clock. what a stanford researcher said happened to older mice when their blood was mixed with the blood of younger mice. what it may mean for and you me. >> slow traffic here coming over the willow pass. we will look at the rest of the bay area straight ahead. ís . >>> welcome back. 7:22. a man shot and killed in oakland was apparently targeted because of a minor fender bender. that's according
will be the next president of the united states, plus the subject of the latest attack ad against romney by the obama campaign. >>> dozens of people in napa county are being evacuated as the bomb squad prepares to dispose of a highly explosive product. ether was found. the napa county bomb squad will be getting rid of the substance. people living nearby are being evacuated as a precaution. >>> police continue to search for answers as two people were shot last night. police received several reports of gunshots in the area. witnesses reported seeing someone drive up to the car and then open fire. police say the victim's car traveled another block before finally coming to a stop. so far, no arrests have been made. >>> police in oakland are looking for the person who shot and wounded a man. it happened -- it happened near 94th avenue also around 10:00 last night. few details are being released. but police have not confirmed more details. but the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. >>> police say this man yelled at a boy to get in his truck yesterday afternoon on walnut
this morning the leader of al-qaeda is calling for a holy war against the united states and israel. he praised the muslim who stormed the embassy last month and killed four americans. he is urging muslims to strike back because of the anti islamic film innocence of muslims. he blasted the united states for excusing the film to be made. >> police say several have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a 14-year- old girl. on tuesday she was shot in the head on her way home from school. the taliban have claimed responsibility for the shooting saying that the girl promoted western thinking. she is an out spoken critic of the taliban and works for schooling for girls she first made headlines when at just 11 she wrote about life under the taliban for the bbc. doctors say the bullet has been removed and she is on a ventilator. they say her blood pressure and heartbeat are normal and they are satisfied with her progress. >> at least 15 are dead after a car bomb in pakistan. police say about 30 people were injured in the attack outside the offices of progovernment elders. so far no group
americans americans overseas to vote. they fill it out online and send it back to the united states by traditional mail or by e-mail. >> it's very important to be able to vote from here. i have been doing it for the past ten years and it's always been difficult and now it's getting easier and with the system we have used that we developed it's easy >> the company said it's developed technology for elections in france, great britain, india and australia. >>> maricopa made a costly printing mistake on election material telling spanish speaking voters the wrong date. about 2,000 shout date of the upcoming election at november 8th instead of the 6th. the county addressed the problem yesterday with state latino leaders. the department will spend 30,000 printing new flyers and buying ads on spanish language tv and radio stations telling voters of the mistake. >> and i feel very badly that it was made. we have to do something to solve that. we have a few days left. >> officials say printing the wrong date waa mistake, not on purpose and an investigation into how it happened is underw
because the western united states is expected to have unusually warm and dry weather this winter season. noa said a dry winter will come behind one of the worst droughts in united states history. >>> some people are facing a fork in the road. check it out. that is a six foot tall fork that popped up at an intersection in carlsbad. by wednesday the city decided to take it down. it was put up as a landmark for visitors by an artist. >> it was artistic, it was whimsical and told a story, it's a fork in the road, watch out. put it back. we love the fork. >> we love the fork. the city said while it appreciates it it's neither safe nor legal to put giant objects on the street. >>> the prize give en to anyone who can stop robocalls. >>> and how the presidential race is a effecting costumes. >>> and the theft that cal trans is blaming for a problem on the freeway and what officials want drivers to do to help. . >>> that's a live look at the big board. dow down and all key sectors in the red. one of the stocks we are watching is google. it's actually up about a point and we will keep watching
for everybody in the united states. i feel happy. >> yeah, those tacos normally cost about $1.29. taco bell estimates they gave out millions of them yesterday. >> a lot of happy fans there. >>> a rain storm is on the way. will trick or treaters get wet? meteorologist steve paulson is tracking the system and persistenting where the rain will hit. >>> good morning. if you are driving in parts of the bay area, you are seeing a little bit of orange and black traffic jam. we'll tell you more about this straight ahead. >>> one company accused of making money after the hurricane sandy disaster. the company american apparel sent an e-mail to east coast shoppers monday night offering 20% off their -- off their products in case they were bored during the storm. >>> all ten subways are flooded in new york city. new york's subways may be closed for several days thanks to hurricane sandy. in addition to -- in addition to flooding, the south ferry station was covered with water up to the ceiling. new york's governor says they must clean and disinfect everything that got wet. >>> there are thousands and t
a mile long stretch of shoreline. >> while the united states is preparing for hurricane sandy. china is being, with a massive typhoon are battling the areas of the country. storm brought down trees and branches on top of homes. ferry services are suspended as a precaution. >>> this sent protestors into the streets. they marched through madrid protesting tax hikes. and some p chimed in for their basic rights. it is $13 billion in loans and staying with its financial crisis. >>> people have arrested 11 people who were planning a terror attack on the u.s. embassy. the subject belonged to a new hill tant network. police made the arrests during a series of raids. they discovered bomb-making materials and thousands of other explosives. >>> they are participating in military defense drills. how they would protect israel from a missile attack. their patriot miss sim system had major threats and in the attack. in the event of an attack. they intercept missiles coming into tell aviv. >> they give us the best coverage. where they need us the most is where we set up. >> the best defense core pos
to legally work here in the united states. it's called the deferred action for childhood arrive programming. people born outside the u.s. can apply to work here if they came here before their 16th 16th birthdays. >> i was excited, i couldn't believe it in the beginning, but then i read it, and it was true. hard to believe. >> about 200 permits have been granted out of thousands of applications. >>> the local economy in oakland is showing signs of improvement. a rebound that seems to correspond with america's unemployment rate dipping below 8%. that was one of the opinions expressed in uptown oakland on first friday. some are cautious, merchants participating the art walk said business is good. >> it seems like people are coming out and getting their hair done, going out and eating, and i can see my neighbor's improvement in business as well. >> others don't see it that way. one woman told us she was laid off four months ago and said the numbers don't tell the whole story. the job hunting and penny pinching struggles of the 7.8% nationally are still for work. >>> if you are looking for a job
dangerous in the united states was detroit for the 4th year in a row. >> the nhl and it's union will have to act quickly to save it's full 82 game sea sea-- season. the third week has been officially canceled. a full season could still be played if it starts on november 2nd. for that to happen they must agree on a deal by next thursday. >>> a drop into one knee like tim tebow could cost you. a jets back up quarterback is trademarking his move tebowing. it was made popular when he played for the broncos. the decision for the trademark isn't for financial gain but rather to control how it's used and to make sure it's used in the right way. >> students in northern california have a chance to win up to a thousand dollars in a contest. the contest asks students at participating schools to write about how an education in science, technology or engineering or math willpower the state's future energy work force. community college and university students can take part in the challenge. the deadline is november 16th. >>> after missing for six weeks and -- in a 2,000-mile trip has ended and a cat
. it happened at the peace arch crossing between the united states and canada yesterday afternoon. investigators say a man driving a van with washington state license plates shot the border patrol agent in her booth and then he killed himself. >>> property crimes were up 11% from last year. it's the first year-to-year increase for violent crimes since 1993. the information comes for the department of justices national crimes survey. >>> in colorado last night, about 2,000 mourners attended a memorial service for 10-year- old jessica ridgeway. the little girl's body was discovered last week on a remote road. authority says days before that she was abduct on her way to school in suburban denver. authorities have ruled out her parents as suspects. the search for her killer continues. >>> 7:18. the man accused in the death of a -- of a young mother in hollister has entered a plea of not guilty. authorities say heather carroll died of blunt-force trauma and she was strangled. on saturday her body was found in the home of a family friend following a police standoff. investigators say he told him that
and rebel forces. if the rebels take over there, it will an major blow to syrian president assad. the united states is report the -- reportedly planning to go after the militants responsible for last month's libyan embassy attack. the four americans killed including northern california native christopher stevens. died in that attack. the u.s. is right now pulling together intelligence on the -- on the suspects in the case. the options could include drone attack, raids like the one that killed osama bin laden or even joint missions with libyan forces. however, the obama administration reportedly is not expected to approve any sort of attack before the november presidential election. >>> a new report out today will highlight one of the nation's most wasteful counterterrorism programs ever. homeland security paid for regional intelligence gathering offices called fusion centers. early copies of the reports call the intelligence shoddy, rarely, timely and sometimes endanger the lives of citizens civil liberties. >>> investigators also can't account for up to $1.5 billion set aside for the progra
in the united states. owners of the affected cars should contact their local dealers. >>> today the federal government is scheduled to issue a warning about replacement -- about replacement air bags and cars. the ntsb will announce details of counterfeit air bags that may not inflate properly according to auto industry insiders. >> arguments begin today. political reporter jamie dupree joins us from washington, d.c. to explain why this case could affect who gets into college. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning. right across the street from the supreme court, we can't watch going on. the arguments at this hour before the court, involving a case from the university of texas. a woman tried to get in to ut. her parents went there. she always wanted to be a long horn but in the end she did not get admitted. she argues that those with lower scores, racial issues are considered. what it is, a lot of people are wondering if the court may have five votes to invalidate affirmative action, racial preference programs when it comes to college and university admissions. back in 2003, there is
to the bottom of this than the president of the united states. he feels personally responsible for every representative he sends around the world. >> well, the u.s. senate has conducted a bipartisan investigation of the attack and the obama administration's response to it. >>> a young girl from pakistan who was shot in the head by the taliban is now being moved to britain to be treated. early this morning, the 14-year- old was wheeled out of a pakistani hospital there on the stretcher. now, over the weekend doctors say she showed some signs of improvement. she was able to move her hands and feet. pakistan's military says she's gonna need a lot of medical care to newly recover from the shooting. she's a teenaged advocates. she was targeted for blogging that girls should have the right to education. the taliban is threatening a further attack. >> i heard there are about 25 girls she went to school with and most are getting their education. >> is that right? >> yes. >>> millions of viewers are glued to their computer screens. whoa! look at that! the freefall that's setting records in the ai
have blocked the extradition of a british computer hacker here to the united states. jerry mckinnon is used -- is accused of going on an electronic rampage, allegedly wreaking -- breaking into sensitive networks at the u.s. military and a space station back in 2001 and 2002. he claims he did it because he was trying to find evidence of alien life. now, his extradition was block the over -- blocked over concerns about his mental health. >>> fighting for funds after the 2001 attacks. the james adrago health and compensation act set aside more than $4 billion in federal help for those first responder and construction workers. they could lose about $38 million in benefits with january budget cuts. the activists they want congress to protect the funds. joe biden is scheduled to attend the funeral of arlen specter. specter died from complications from -- of complications from nonhodgkins lymphoma. he spent 30 years in the senate. president obama has ordered flags to be flown at half staff. >>> and george mcgovern has entered hoss poss care in -- entered hospice care. he lost to rich
is rallying voters in florida. the president of the united states, barack obama! >> reporter: the president was back on the trails last night seeing mitt romney is all over the map. >> last night he said he always supported taking out osama bin laden. >> boo! >> but in 2007, he said it wasn't worth moving heaven on earth to catch one men. >> we've come up with a name for this condition. it's called romnesia. >> reporter: meanwhile, mitt romney is using a new ad. >> the president began with an apology tour. i think they looked at that and saw weakness. >> both candidates are setting their sights in the final stretch of the race. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> here in the bay area, both democrats and republicans held debate watch parties in san rafael, people gathered at the campaign -- democratic campaign headquarters. >> president obama is articulate and fair and fear. i think he has experience clearly, he has experience in foreign policy and governor romney has no experience. it comes out very clear, loud and clear. >> obama seems dance around without being specific. romney laid ou
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15